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Forum Rules

Post by Brutus » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:56 am

Over time this site has become somewhat unpleasant and unwelcoming. To tackle this we have created the following series of rules, which, unlike rules outlined in the past, will be enforced. The rules will be enforced by either deleting posts, warning users or giving permanent or temporary bans.

Be pleasant and polite. It is fine to argue and debate but realise there is a difference between arguing/debating and name-calling/insulting. If you violate this rule you may find your offending posts removed or the topic locked.

Do not tell people to leave the forum or ask what they are doing here. It is not up to you to decide who can and cannot post here - if you disagree with someone then say it in a different way that does not suggest you're some sort of voice of the board. If, to one use example, you tell a member to leave because they say they like a particular movie, you will be banned from the forum for one week.

Try to be welcoming to new members or, if this is too difficult for you, do not go out of your way to make new members feel unwelcome.

No gore images. This is a website about a film director. Most people do not expect nor desire to find graphic pictures of injuries, death, etc. If you do desire to share such an image, you can do so by linking to it and providing a warning - that is acceptable.

Multiple accounts are not allowed. The account you're using now is your last. There are three or four regular members at the moment who seem to register a new account every year - this will no longer be allowed.

If you register another account while temporarily banned you will be permanently banned.

If you posted a handful of times a year ago and forgot your account details, you may sign up a new account - that sort of thing is fine.