The August issue of The Face with it’s hot/not barometer rates bunny ears highly, saying, “Think Gummo, not Playboy: `a la Moldy Peaches and Seelenluft.” Kids is mentioned in last May’s issue of Spin, with its feature “The Skate-Time Continuum” offering a brief history of skateboarding in the form of a chart. An event’s place on the chart was determined by the level of exposure it gave skateboarding. Kids came second lowest, just above 2001, when “ex-pro boarder Jason Lee plays Tom Cruise’s best friend in Vanilla Sky.” There were many high-points, including the MTV debut of Jackass and the creation of the first pro board. Australia’s Empire also made mention of Kids recently, with their “10 Great Movie:” section featuring “Evil Children” and listing Telly, who they say “wasn’t smacked hard enough the day he was born. Loves deflowering virgins without a condom – and spreading HIV.”