The January issue of i-D magazine features four-pages on Ken Park‘s Tiffany Limos. Limos mentions Korine at one point, saying, “Harmony just sat there and Larry [Clark] told him what to write. Me, he doesn’t tell me what to write. I can tell him.” It also says that Clark, in attendance at a business dinner, punched Hamish McAlpine, Ken Park‘s UK distributer, in the face during an argument concerning post-9/11 politics. The next day, McAlpine pulled the film from the London Film Festival where it was playing. For their November issue, The Face featured a portfolio of images from some of their favourite artists. The one for Terry Richardson was a photo of Korine holding a skateboard. This can be seen here. The magazine is also currently running their annual “Deface The Face” competition, which invites readers to alter the magazine as they’d like. Last year they received the entry here, depicting Korine as Jesus in a piece based on a previous cover of the magazine.