A summation of articles printed on Page Six of the New York Post is included in a biography of Korine on Lab Productions, which says, “The New York Post kept Korine’s fans awash in stories of his demise. He burned down his grandmother’s house and killed her dog, burned down a friend’s house, wrecked his car in Connecticut, was evicted from his apartment in New York because it had turned into a haven for the homeless and junkies, burned down the last house he lived in, and the last we heard he dropped his crack pipe in a London restaurant.”

Currently Korine is believed to be working on a film called “Nun’s The Word.”

The following post appeared on a newsgroup some time ago:

…don’t be fooled. just because he laces his jeans up with dental floss (toronto film festival, 1997, where he assaulted a journalist with a swiss army knife and then the JOURNALIST got thrown out for provoking him. precious artiste.), doesn’t mean he isn’t quite well off. he’s made alot of money.

(my friend knew that journalist and he lost his job because of this, and couldn’t pay his rent that month. it was a pretty big thing. just because korine didn’t like the question he got asked, he pulled a knife on the guy…)

An old interview with ChloĆ« Sevigny that we’ve only now come across says that Korine was at one point was interested in the Brandon Teena story, which was later filmed as Boys Don’t Cry (1999). Sevigny says, “When Harmony was interested in doing it , they said there was no way to get the rights and impossible and la-dee-da-dee-da-dee.” The interview can be read in full here.