Casey Guzak, who played one of the skinhead brothers in Gummo, was involved in a drug transaction gone bad earlier this year. The police report, which appeared on the Franklin (Tennessee) Police Deparment’s website here, says:

On 6/26/2003 at approximately 9:07 PM Franklin Police Narcotics/Vice Detectives received information regarding a cocaine transaction that was going to take place at a local hotel in the Cool Springs area. While Detectives were surveilling the suspects, a drug “rip off” occurred resulting in an armed robbery. Detectives immediately intervened and took two (2) suspects into custody. Detectives recovered two (2) handguns from the scene, a half ounce of cocaine and a small amount of Hydrocodone. The suspects were identified as Casey Guzak (26) and Vann Hughes (49), both from Nashville.