Korine appears in the form of an answering machine message on the new record Sugar: The Other White Meat. Korine’s contribution to the record is explained on the Sun City Girls website:

Sugar was originally conceived by Harmony Korine to be a four-way split between Alvarius, Nyoukis, Will Oldham, and Absalom (Korine’s “White Metal” band). But Korine went MIA and Oldham hadn’t heard of the project when Dylan asked him about it later. By this point, Alvarius and Dylan had already finished their respective contributions and, rather than scrap the project altogether, decided to create a collaborative piece to take up the missing second side of the LP. Dylan sent over source material, which Alvarius cut, spliced and mixed in with his own sound sources (including some drunken answering machine messages from Mr. Korine).

The record is available through the page here, which also features an edited track from the album.