According to the press release for Gus Van Sant’s new film Elephant (2003), Korine was originally commissioned to write the screenplay but failed to deliver even a draft after two years. In the October issue of i-D Van Sant explained how he came to involve Korine, saying, “HBO said they couldn’t do Columbine but could do Elephant. I had never seen Elephant, which was an Alan Clarke film made in ’89, a 35-minute short about violence in Northern Ireland. But I happened to know about it because Harmony Korine had told me it was his favourite film. So I thought maybe Harmony could write the script. But we never got a script from Harmony. That’s when [JT LeRoy] and I started talking and then [he] wrote the script.” In the end Van Sant didn’t use LeRoy’s screenplay. For more information about Elephant visit the official website here.