Three new articles have been added to the site – Bossom Buddies (Vice, 2003), Hitting Harmony (Post Road, 2003) and Guilty Pleasures (Film Comment, 00). Eight Larry Clark articles have been added – the most notable of these is his 1995 interview with Paul Schrader for ArtForum(Babes In The Hood). A quote from Korine is included in the biography for Ulver at (“There’s a real lineage from a composer like Wagner to a band like Ulver”).

In a recent magazine feature Korine and others were given the following questionaire:

1. I love NY because ____
2. Your reason to be cheerful is ____
3. The future of independent film is _____

Korine’s answers were:

1. It’s a good place to cruise for gay ass.
2. (1) Gay parade (2) Gay bashers
3. Gay cinema