HAROLD HUNTER (1974 – 2006)

Harold Hunter, who played Harold in Kids (1995) and was also a skater with the Zoo York team, died on the February 17 of a heart attack. The New York Post report of his death can be found here. An online memorial has been set up here. A message left there, signed with the name Harmony Korine, reads:

harold this breaks my heart. your a legend of the street. you lived your life always on your own terms. the funniest bastard i ever knew. i knew you since we were boys. i remember at 13 sleeping at your apartment on 13st and your front door was missing. it was always about joking, always laughing and always moving on. you repped nyc to the fullest, a delinquint icon. you know you will never be forgotton. you will live on in the minds and hearts of so many. its all so vivd, that smile and laugh. i know your on the other side now with justin and you guys are lovin it. you did this world up. rest now my friend. i will miss you dearly. save me a spot and keep an eye out from above. your brother always….

See haroldhunter.com for more information.