om January 8 through to February 26, 2009, Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee) will feature an exhibtion by Harmony Korine entitled Pigxote. The university’s website (link) provides the following information on the event:

This exhibition will cull together a number of photographs from Korine’s private files in order to reveal a side of the artist’s creative process that remains largely unexamined. Depicting an unnamed, mysterious young girl moving through a televised landscape of shifting contexts, Pigxote further illustrates Korine’s interest in replacing plot lines and expected narrative tropes with intuitively arranged “experiential moments.” They also provide a unique insight into the poetic mind of Nashville’s most compelling prodigal son.

The Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Purple includes Pigxtras, a supplement by Korine, which going by name may relate to this exhibition. Thanks to Brandon Langley.