Harmony Korine’s The Collected Fanzines is scheduled to be released by Drag City on November 18. The Collected Fanzines is a compilation of eight fanzines made by Korine (sometimes in collaboration with Mark Gonzales) in the 1990s. The eight titles to be included in the release are My Friend or Sheep Boy, Adulthood, Adulthood 2, Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting, Foster Homes and Gardens, Humor, Pocahontas Monthly and Hümer. The collection will be available in two editions, one a trade paperback and the other a deluxe boxset containing exact reproductions of the original releases (that is, each fanzine separate). The Drag City press release for The Collected Fanzines, with its introduction by Korine, can be found here (pdf). For further information see the page on the site here. More information should also appear on the Drag City website as the release date approaches.