In the current issue of Paperback there’s an interview with Aaron Rose in which his upcoming Harmony Korine retrospective book is mentioned, saying of its progress, “I have a hard-drive full of his work, it’s all there, we just need to start laying it out.” The magazine also features two pages of images by Korine (here and here) along with a page of photographs of a young Korine in 1995, taken by Ari Marcopoulos (here).

In the interview Rose is at one point asked about how how Korine is often portrayed as an eccentric and whether that’s truthful, to which he answers, giving more details of the retrospective book:

To be honest, he’s not that far off. Harmony is Harmony. Obviously he’s a human being, he’s not a cartoon as he sometimes comes off in the press, but his personality is his personality and he can be pretty out there! Even on a personal level. When you get to know someone, it’s just like anything, it’s not weird anymore. I don’t even notice it until I’m with him somewhere and I see other people’s reaction and think, “he is acting strange!” You get used to it – people are who they are. I think in Harmony’s case, sure he is an eccentric but all artists are, and that’s what’s magic about that guy. His mind processes information differently than other people, that’s why he can come up with some of the things that he comes up with.

There’s another side of him of course, he’s a human being trying to maneuver through life and figure out what’s next and – especially in the world that he is in, making the kind of films that he makes – it can be a treacherous path. Sometimes he can get very real about it, he’s not joking around all the time but you know, Harmony is Harmony.

Anyway, his book will be amazing and if it’s not published through Alleged Press then we’ll find somebody else who’s interested to put it out. The work is just too good! It will definitely happen.

That project has taken us a bit longer to get around to; Harmony had a fire at his house in Connecticut a few years back and thought that all of his possessions were burned! Only recently, he found these plastic tubs full of artwork, photographs and writings; they’re all burned around the edges which is going to make his retrospective book really interesting because half of the material is going to have water stains and burn marks on it.

Rose is hoping to release the retrospective book in Autumn 2009. Thanks to acid.