Harmony Korine is on the cover of the Autumn/Winter issue of Supreme, currently available here. Korine will also be featured in the December/January issue of BlackBook for, according to the magazine, a “full-blown look back at his drug-addled days, cop encounters, and best lies.” In preparation for the feature, BlackBook asked Korine, in an item on their website here, what his favorite nightlife spots are, to which he responded:

I only eat fudge when I stay in New York, and I only drink Sprite while I’m in Los Angeles. I never eat out in restaurants for fear of earthquakes and food poison. I only stay at transient hotels that rent by the hour. The last place I stayed had a blood stain on my pillow in the shape of the Virgin Mary.

There will also be an article on Korine in the December issue of Dazed & Confused, with further details of the magazine on their website here.

On YouTube at the moment there’s a somewhat awkward interview Korine here. This interview was conducted on the same night as the Brandon Langely video from July 25.

In an interview with Silver Jews’ David Berman, appearing on LAist on September 28, Berman mentions that Korine is assisting him with the writing of a screenplay he later hopes to sell.

Three new pictures have been added to the site here, here and here.