The Toronto International Film Festival will host the world premiere of Trash Humpers, a new feature film by Harmony Korine. Trash Humpers has been described as a “handheld video of a loser-gang cult-freak collective who do antisocial things in a non-narrative way, except for the song-and-dance numbers.” The Toronto International Film Festival this year takes place over September 10 – 19.

The announcement of the premiere is the first news we’ve had of this film.



Harmony Korine is one of 42 contributors to the project ONEDREAMRUSH, a creation of the New Zealand vodka company 42Below that invites various individuals to create 42-second videos exploring dreams. Other contributors to ONEDREAMRUSH include Kenneth Anger, David Lynch, Leos Carax, Larry Clark, Jonas Mekas, and Gaspar Noe. In time all of the films are to feature on the project’s website here. Korine’s part, titled Crutchnap, has already been made public and can now be found here (.mov/56MB).



Harmony Korine was interviewed by Boards for two articles that appeared on their site in June. You can find these here and here. A May 26 interview from Creativity Online can also be found here. A number of new images have been added to the site here, too.

Beautiful Losers, a documentary on a particular groups of artists that includes Korine, is scheduled for release on R2 (UK) DVD on August 24. The film also has a R4 (Australia) release date of October 21.

An interview with Korine appears in The Reel Truth: Everything You Didn’t Know You Need to Know about Making an Independent Film, a new book by Reed Martin. An interview with Martin about his book can be found here. Talking of his interview with Korine there, Reed says, “[He] really doesn’t do interviews. He was tough to get and I got him.” The Reel Truth is available on here.



Harmony Korine has directed a series of Liberty Mutual commercials that began airing on TV in the US last May. The ads, as described in The New York Times article here, “center on the members of a fictional family, the Marlowes, as they tackle issues ranging from coping with the recession to disciplining errant children.” Ten of the ads, what may be the entire run, are available for download in .mp4 format here:

Update (September 15, 2009):

We’ve unfortunately had to remove all the videos due to a copyright complaint. Some may return in the future.



In February Nieves released Devils and Babies, a 20-page black-and-white photocopied zine by Harmony Korine that comprises of drawings, notes and stories. It was published in an edition of 150 and is now sold out. A scan of the entire book can be found here (.pdf/2.2MB).

Nieves also recently published Pigxote, a 96-page softcover book featuring images from Korine’s exhibition of the same name. It can currently be purchased online from various stores, including here and Nieves here. As well, limited edition signed photographs from the Pigxote exhibition are on offer at the online store for the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery here.

Printed Matter is also currently offering signed copies of the Mister Lonely screenplay book for US $40 here.