Harmony Korine was interviewed by Boards for two articles that appeared on their site in June. You can find these here and here. A May 26 interview from Creativity Online can also be found here. A number of new images have been added to the site here, too.

Beautiful Losers, a documentary on a particular groups of artists that includes Korine, is scheduled for release on R2 (UK) DVD on August 24. The film also has a R4 (Australia) release date of October 21.

An interview with Korine appears in The Reel Truth: Everything You Didn’t Know You Need to Know about Making an Independent Film, a new book by Reed Martin. An interview with Martin about his book can be found here. Talking of his interview with Korine there, Reed says, “[He] really doesn’t do interviews. He was tough to get and I got him.” The Reel Truth is available on here.