A promotional spot for Trash Humpers can be found on YouTube here or downloaded here (.mp4/1.9MB). A number of new pictures from the film are can also be found here and indieWIRE has an exclusive clip on their site here, as well as a short quote from Korine concerning the film:

I remember when I was a child there was a small group of elderly people who would hang out in the back alleys and under bridges by my house. They always seemed to be getting drunk and dancing. One night I looked out my bedroom window and saw a group of them humping trash cans and laughing. It sounded like they were speaking a strange invented language. This is a movie about them.

In addition to the TIFF screenings, the dates for which you can find here, Trash Humpers is now known to be playing at the New York Film Festival in early October and the London Film Festival in late October.