Trash Humpers has an official website that can be found at, with regular updates on the film and where it’ll be playing.

Warp Films and Alcove Entertainment are handling the distribution of Trash Humpers in the UK, where the film opened on June 18. Dates for the UK screenings, which according to the press release will take place at “cinemas, galleries, music festivals and adult cinemas,” can be found on the Warp website here. A UK DVD release is set for September 20 (pre-order here). A digital download will also be available at that date as well as a limited edition VHS release customized and hand-signed by Harmony Korine.

Drag City are releasing the film in the US, with many of their dates given on the front page of Drag City have also released the film’s soundtrack in various formats, details for which you can find on their website here. For an idea of what you might receive exactly with one of these ‘hand-filthed’ copies, see here.