Trash Humpers is scheduled for release on DVD in the UK through Warp and Alcove Entertainment on September 20, with details on the film’s official site here. Warp/Alcove are also offering VHS copies individually customised and signed by Korine in a limited edition of 300, examples of which can be seen here. As well, 35mm theatrical film prints are being offered in a limited edition of 5. Each print case is customised by Korine (see here).

The US release through Drag City is officially set for September 21. Orders can be made on Drag City‘s site here. For a time Drag City was offering DVDs signed by Korine but these are now sold out.

Both the US and UK releases feature as DVD extras the short films Blood of Havana (3 mins) and Mac and Plak (20 mins) as well as 18 minutes of deleted scenes. A 24-page booklet is also included with both releases.

Information on upcoming screenings and other details can still be found on the film’s official site: