Ultra Culture have asked Korine his thoughts on Christmas in a short interview that can be found on their website here.

Ultra Culture: What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Harmony Korine: My neighbour is a white witch rapper named ‘Lil Potion’. On Christmas morning he ties a dead deer to his bent basketball rim and then freestyle raps to the swaying deer corpse. I photograph him doing this every year. He drapes himself in Christmas lights and a pink bathrobe.

Ultra Culture: What are you doing this Christmas?

Korine: Kicking ass.

Ultra Culture: Do you have any favourite Christmas movies?

Korine: Pam and Tommy Lee’s sex tape.

Ultra Culture: Would you ever consider making a Christmas movie?

Korine: Hell yeah, I’d devote my life to Christmas shit.

Ultra Culture: What’s your least favourite thing about Christmas?

Korine: Everyone in my neighborhood having convulsions on their front porches. I live on a street that’s Mecca for people with epilepsy and for some reason Christmas brings out the fits.



“Wire,” a member on the forum, recently posted (here) the following piece of information, possibly news of what Korine is doing now:

A friend of mine went to a public artist talk with jürgen teller at his exhibition in vienna, probably a month ago. teller talked about doing a road trip with william eggleston, korine and his kid (korine’s) in december. so they’re supposed to be travelling through the south of the USA right now.



Harmony Korine is one of many featured in La Forêt de Harinezumi, an exhibition that opened at the agnès b. headquarters (Paris, France) on December 9 and will run until the 23rd. The exhibition is centred around videos shot with the Superheadz Digital Harinezumi camera.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The first part is titled La Chaîne de Films and is a collection of videos. The second part, Harinezumi no Mori, has been given the following explanation on the official website for the exhibition:

What is Harinezumi no Mori? It is Superheadz style-movie, play, and even an opera. A video installation comprised of more than 100 screens… Just like the forest, it keeps transforming. In Paris, videos will play through 181 DVD players and 205 video monitors. Joining the show this time around are tracks produced by a German electronic musician, OVAL and cello performance by mori-shige.

For more information visit the official website here and the agnès b. website here.

The trailer for the exhibition can be found below.



Harmony Korine is featured in the launch issue of the digital magazine DUST. The magazine is available for purchase here.

Rachel Korine offers a recipe for Shrimp Tom Yum Soup here on the website for AnOther magazine.

For their year-in-review “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poll,” Nashville Scene asked a “select group of Nashville’s finest rockers, rollers, bloggers and bookers” on their thoughts of the local music scene. Harmony Korine was one of those questioned and his answers appear now on the Nashville Scene website here and here.

Korine was also included in USA Today‘s Pop Candy section as #88 on their “100 People of 2010” list, which is a list explained as being to “honor those who have accomplished something interesting in 2010, and not all of these accomplishments were hailed by the mass media.” For Korine they say:

While some may dismiss Trash Humpers at the title — the flick does show elderly folks getting intimate with dumpsters — Korine did manage to make a funny, surreal and so-insane-you-must-look movie I’d rather watch than most blockbusters any day. And that’s something. Right?

The full “100 People of 2010” list can be found here.



Last month Korine curated a series of films for the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (November 4 – 14). When screened, each film included a video introduction by Korine.

Korine’s film program can currently be found on the festival’s website here. The individual pages for the films include short descriptions by Korine.



Bark, Bugs, Leaves & Lizards spoke recently with Chris Crofton in an interview that appeared on their website on December 3. Cofton, a musician and comedian, appeared in Trash Humpers and he talks about that experience in the interview (here).



In a video published recently on YouTube, Louisiana-based rapper Ceddybu mentions some kind of project involving himself and Korine, possibly titled “Dope Boys.” We have no other information on this outside of the passing mention made in the video.

More information on Ceddybu can be found on his MySpace here.



Work by Korine can currently be seen at The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, as part of the group exhibition Salad Days. The exhibition, which opened on October 21 and runs through to December 15, includes work by many, including Mark Gonzales, Ari Marcopoulos, Richard Kern, and Rita Ackermann. More information can be found here.

The Journal, a periodical put out by the gallery, features Korine in some way in the current issue (No. 29). This issue can be bought from Printed Matter, Inc. here.

The Journal Gallery has also released Ho Bags, a black-and-white zine of work by Korine and Bill Saylor. At the NADA Art Fair, Miami Beach, which took place during the period of December 2 – 5, copies of the zine were offered for sale. Original pages from the zine were also on display. Pictures of this can be seen here.



The site has been revised. The chief concern with this update was in improving the site structure and bringing the content up to date. At first there was also a concern for the design but as this was proving too time consuming, delaying the site further and further, it was decided instead to forgo this for the time-being. As consequence, many sections of the site at the moment look very rough, poorly put together and just plain unsightly. The design, at this time, should be considered temporary. In the end it’ll be something a good deal different from what you see now.

At the moment, the biographies and video sections are unavailable and the individual pages in the section for film and other work are lacking in details as are individual photo pages. The interview sections have also not been updated just yet. These and other issues will be resolved in the coming weeks and months.

With this new update, we will now have multiple people writing the news for the site, this was the main motivation behind the update. This will hopefully mean that the site will never get too far behind on news. You will be able to see who is writing each news item by the name under the item’s headline.

The previous incarnation of the website, which will no longer be updated, can still be found here for the moment. Once the new site has been properly established, the old site will be removed.



Harmony Korine currently has two active film projects that we’re aware of, with those being Twinkle, Twinkle and Wat Kyk Jy. Twinkle, Twinkle is said to be a feature film starring Marlon Wayans as a “former hitman who dresses up in a dollar bill costume.” Wat Kyk Jy is a short film with South African rap/rave group Die Antwoord that is believed to have completed production. Speaking recently with Interview here, Korine gave details of the film’s release, saying:

I just directed this short movie, it’s going to come out soon, with this band called Die Antwoord from South Africa, that should probably be out in a couple weeks. It’s going to be spectacular.

Korine was also for a time planning to make a short film entitled God’s Joke, which was to be part of Cinema Reloaded, a special project for the 2011 lineup of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. It was to be one of three short films, each by different directors at the invitation of the festival, that was aiming to be funded entirely by donations made online. Further details of this can be found here. On November 19, 2010, God’s Joke was official cancelled, with Korine explaining on cinemareloaded.com:

I’m sorry to let you know that I’m going to have to cancel my short film project for Cinema Reloaded. A couple of other projects developed quicker than I thought, so I had to move things around in my schedule. Because of this, I cannot give my Cinema Reloaded project enough attention and I can’t complete my short film before January. This is a bummer because I was looking forward to doing it. All the best to Alexis and Yuhang and thank you for your support. See you soon!


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