The site has been revised. The chief concern with this update was in improving the site structure and bringing the content up to date. At first there was also a concern for the design but as this was proving too time consuming, delaying the site further and further, it was decided instead to forgo this for the time-being. As consequence, many sections of the site at the moment look very rough, poorly put together and just plain unsightly. The design, at this time, should be considered temporary. In the end it’ll be something a good deal different from what you see now.

At the moment, the biographies and video sections are unavailable and the individual pages in the section for film and other work are lacking in details as are individual photo pages. The interview sections have also not been updated just yet. These and other issues will be resolved in the coming weeks and months.

With this new update, we will now have multiple people writing the news for the site, this was the main motivation behind the update. This will hopefully mean that the site will never get too far behind on news. You will be able to see who is writing each news item by the name under the item’s headline.

The previous incarnation of the website, which will no longer be updated, can still be found here for the moment. Once the new site has been properly established, the old site will be removed.