The January 2008 issue of Dazed and Confused featured an article on the work of Kenneth Anger. The article also included quotes from various artists giving their thoughts on Anger, among them was Korine.

I first came across Kenneth’s films when I was a boy growing up in Nashville. There was a small video store by my house that specialised in art films, and they had a single bootleg copy of Lucifer Rising with a Xerox on the cover. I asked my father if I could watch it, and he told me not to go near it. He seemed spooked at the very idea of this film’s existence. Once I finally watched it, I realised that there was a darkness in the world I knew very little about – and it was very exciting to me… This was cinema as voodoo.

Rabbit’s Moon is my favourite of his films – the music and the images are so beautiful and strange. This film is truly a poem. I’m not really sure what his influence has been – that’s a good question. Perhaps he turned people on to the rhythms of Satan?

In terms of influencing my own filmmaking, well, he is an original thinker. The films are an extension of the man – it’s hard to describe his work, and very easy to feel it. I personally strive for that every day.

As for why he has not been more widely celebrated, I think he is just way too dangerous – I met him once and saw it in his eyes. Do I believe in his claims about black magic and the occult? Yes, of course I do.