The Umshini Wam world premiere at SXSW on March 15 began with a video message from Korine. IndieWire, in their article here, offered this description of the video:

Korine couldn’t introduce the film last night, but he did send in a video message where the director – wearing running shoes on his hands, sunglasses and a Tupac Shakur sweater – apologized for not being able to appear in person, speaking in a stunted, seemingly stoned cadence. “I got stuck in this other place filming something that was really ridiculous, but I had to do it,” Korine said slowly. “We made this movie across 15 continents and over a couple of years and a few million dollars and in the end it was all worth it. I won’t give away too much other than to say I’m really excited you’re there, I wish I was there, I hope you enjoy this and I’ll talk to you very, very soon.”

Umshini Wam can currently be viewed on Vice‘s here.