Actor Val Kilmer has announced (via his Tumblr page) that he is about to begin work on an experimental project in collaboration with Harmony Korine. The project is currently entitled “Lotus Community Center” and Kilmer will be playing the lead character “Hector”, whom Korine described as “WORST motivational speaker on earth”. Filming starts in Nashville on August 11th.

A quote from Kilmer’s Tumblr page with more information about the project:

I am about to create an experimental film with Harmony Korine here in Nashville, where we are rehearsing and where we will film on the 11th of August in a roller skating rink. I will be playing Hector. Harmony says of the character, “I don’t know if he’s ‘crazy’ – I don’t know if I know what that word means anymore… He’s the WORST motivational speaker on earth. That’s for sure.” We went last night to visit Dan Auerbach and friends, of BLACK KEYS fame. He was recording a beautiful woman’s record, but I didn’t catch her name. We soaked up the soul- but not even NASHVILLE’S finest can save HECTOR- motivational speaker sponsored by the -LOTUS COMMUNITY CENTER- (the current title, for our experimental film).

Harmony and I met a couple of years ago in New York with his lovely wife Rachel, and have been talking about a project ever since. This looney monologue is the first opportunity that materialized.

Kilmer also posted an image of Korine on his site a day later.