Hey U Guys has posted up on it’s website some new images from the set of the new Harmony Korine and Val Kilmer project “Lotus Community Center”. The site states that Korine is not the only director to participate in the project, which has been commissioned by Grolsch Film Works – more popular for their beer. The other two directors are Jan Kwiecinski and Alexei Fedorchenko.

Korine made a statement to the site, saying:

I’m really excited to make a film with Grolsch Film Works. It’s a great chance to experiment and make something amazing. The idea of these three films working together under one central idea is great. I think it’s gonna turn out really nice. I’m very excited about it.”

Kilmer also added:

I’ve never been more nervous during a comedy, and I’ve truly never been treated with more respect and pure love. [Korine] wrote me the role of a lifetime. Truly. He loves to make mistakes. He makes the actor love to make them with him. I would die for him.

The images from the site are shown below: