Twitch FilmCulture Blues and FilmBalaya have each posted up reviews for the new collaboration film, which features a piece by Harmony Korine, “The Fourth Dimension”. The film premiered this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. You can read extracts below:

Overall, THE FOURTH DIMENSION makes for an interesting little shorts program. I dig the variety of the segments and their tenuous connection. I wouldn’t call it mainstream, but none of the films are so weird/boring/pretentious as to be off-putting to the general movie-going public. That being said, it isn’t summer tent pole fare, either. What it is is a great little festival film that deserves an audience beyond the localized festival environment. (TwitchFilm)

Kilmer’s spewing of ridiculous and meaningless slogans is funny, but it feels like an audition for a bit part in a Will Ferrell movie. There’s just no meat there. The roller skating rink does prove to be a visually interesting setting, and the scenes with his girlfriend effectively capture the feeling of a lazy post-work wind down. Overall, it’s inessential but enjoyable. (CultureBlues)