The Toronto Film Festival, having previously screened films from Harmony Korine before, has announced it will screen his new film “Spring Breakers”. The schedule of the festival is announced on August 21st. We will inform you of showing times when it becomes available. Information from the site:

Director: Harmony Korine
Runtime: 92 minutes
Principal Cast: Selena Gomez, James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Morris
Int. Sales Agent: Kinology
U.S. Sales Agent: Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

James Franco, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens star in the wild new film from perennial provocateur Harmony Korine (Trash Humpers), about four flat-broke co-eds whose spring fling in Florida turns into a booze, drug and violence-fuelled bacchanal.

The overly bright sunshine begins to hurt your eyes. The semi-nude bodies grind in a tequila-fuelled haze. A waft of violence floats through the atmosphere until it dominates the scene, aware of its hold on everything and everyone. You feel all-powerful and totally alone. This is spring break in Florida, captured through the transformative lens of Harmony Korine’s imagination.

Korine’s impressive canon of films poetically chronicles the minor heroics and self-aggran-dizing intensity of marginalians, unseen, ignored and dismissed by a willfully ignorant world. In Spring Breakers, his attention turns to four female co-eds (Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine) in an unnamed college town. Desperate to hit the beach, but flat broke, they rob a coffee shop with fake weapons, steal a car, head south and start to party hard. Their fun gets rudely interrupted when the cops bust into their apartment and find things young girls should not be enjoying. Locked up with no bail money, they despair until a local petty gangster (James Franco) springs them. Two of the girls stay with him as his entourage and, ultimately, his hitmen; while the other two drop out, exhausted, disoriented and longing to experience that rush of freedom one more time.

Spring Breakers is Korine’s first film since Mister Lonely to feature professional actors. He challenges his impressive young cast in unexpected ways, with long, seemingly improvised takes and a demand for shifting tones of sweetness and menace.

The film lands on the more narratively linear end of Korine’s career and has moments that recall each of his previous films, especially the virtuosic tableaux of Gummo and the agonizing desperation of Mister Lonely. But Spring Breakers also brings a few new tricks to the table, including remarkable shifts in mood and a breathtaking cinematographic confidence; there are signature moments of montage in this film that will influence generations to come.

Harmony Korine thinks in pictures that no one else could even dream up.

Noah Cowan



For more information see the I Heart Comix website.



Back in the mid to late ’90s Harmony Korine and Brian DeGraw colllaborated on a one track album entitled “SSAB Songs”. While they were not the only musicians to play on the album (which was commercially released in 1998) they were the driving forces behind the idea. Back in November of 2011, DeGraw spoke to Hillbilly Magazine and reflected on the time spent recording “SSAB Songs”.

Hillbilly : You collaborated some years ago with Harmony Korine on SSAB Songs. Whats your thoughts on the collaborative process?
Brian DeGraw : Those collaborations were done in an interesting time shortly after i moved to NYC from DC. Harmony was someone who i connected with instantly. We met when a mutual friend asked me to go to this recording studio where Harm wanted to make an album of some sort. So he had asked this guy to round up a bunch of musicians to show up there and just work out some sort of jam. It was hilarious. I showed up there…in this dirty basement studio on Allen street that smelled like rotting fish and there were like ten or twelve people in there with Harm and everyone was trying to figure out how to go about this and nothing was really getting done at all and for some reason Harm and I just looked at each other and sort gave each other this nod of affirmation and we sort of just left the place and went off on our own to his place and just jammed for hours and recorded on four track cassette. After that we continued to do that for a few years. We made so many weird recordings….most of which are lost I think. We would go up to his apartment in Gramercy park with broken keyboards and banjos with no strings and bicycle wheels and whatever we could find that made a sound…..and we would just go crazy all night. We did a lot of stuff over the answering machine too….like we would call Bjork and have her sing through the fax while we jammed in the apartment. It was truly cacophonous and beautiful.



Recently, rapper Riff Raff spoke to Pitchfork about his new ventures and branching out. He also spoke on his new found friendship with director Harmony Korine:

RR: I’m working on the movie situation right now. Me and Harmony Korine are in conjunction doing multiple big activities. He’s going to be doing some of my videos. He’s back. He’s had movies in the past, like Kids and Gummo, that earned him such a big underground following. So for him to come and want to do large, ridiculous things on the big screen with me and Diplo just showed what a genius mind he has. He’s about to be a full-fledged force to be reckoned with.

Pitchfork: How did your relationship with Korine begin?

RR: Somebody wrote me, “Hey, somebody wants you to be in this movie [Spring Breakers]”– I get so many emails every day so I have someone who screens them and says, “Hey, you might want to look at this.” When I finally researched his stuff, I saw he directed Kids and Gummo, and was like, “Oh shit. Damn, is this for me?” Those movies are kind of old, but I knew they were great.

Now I’ve actually met him and seen what kind of person he is: really interesting, innovative. There are a lot of people who are successful and have a lot of money, but you can almost see their limitations because they have these walls around them. Harmony Korine exceeds those walls, and those are the types of people who go on to exceed people’s expectations.