The folks over at JamesFrancoItalia have uploaded scans of the recent fall 2012 issue of L’Officiel Hommes magazine which features a segment with Harmony Korine and James Franco – photographed by Paul Jasmin. Sadly the text image is in French but the same site has also posted a transcript which Google has kindly translated for me.

How did you meet?
JAMES FRANCO: I think I met Harmony for the first time at the opening of Dan Colen at Gagosian Gallery in New York. But it was long before we were talking about working together.
HARMONY KORINE: We met at a private viewing in New York, but we had already spoken by phone before.
What has fascinated the other immediately?
JAMES: I have a film of Harmony great influence on me since high school. It is one of the few American directors who push the limits of style and content.
HARMONY: [James] is a great actor. Invent and lights his way. He does what he wants. It moves very quickly. He can do everything.
Idea to make this film, there has been clear from the beginning?
JAMES: We wanted to do something together. We had some ideas, then Harmony had this flash, this inspiration and I talked about Spring Breakers . Once I told him that I agree, he wrote the script in three weeks.
HARMONY: I had this idea of some girls in ski masks and guns who robbed tourists on the beach. I created a story around this.
What do you like Paris?
JAMES: I love the physical appearance of the city. I love making films in Paris.
HARMONY: I love that city. I lived there for a while ‘, eating only McDonald’s. I dated a girl who was missing teeth in front. It was brilliant. artists are both considered “cross”.
As a means of artistic expression you like best?
JAMES: What I like is to make movies, but I’m attracted to any discipline.
HARMONY: Making films will always be what I love the most, but now I can not wait to see my daughter, return to Nashville and play basketball in the spring.

You can view the full scans here, aswell as a selection below.