Harmony Korine is featured on the cover of, and is interviewed inside, the February issue of the French magazine So Film. Seeing as I don’t understand French and Google Translate doesn’t help at all, I’ve no idea how you can grab a copy of this, but I’m sure it’s in any good retail store near you that sells magazines…. in France. Check out the front page of the magazine aswell as the badly Google-translated blurb below.

Harmony Korine. receives it home to Nashville and pay a trip by car. Between The Nations dodgy neighborhood, where he lived for many years, and the posh neighborhood of Richland, where he is now installed, Harmony Korine is told while out Spring Breakers his new film. Yes, he has changed, he has aged, he mellowed and became a father, but he continues to love freaks. And great adventures in the slums of American society. Harmony Korine and Strip Spring Breakers at Venice Film Festival