Pick up your copy of the lastest issue of Purple Fashion Magazine which features a candid interview with Harmony Korine.

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Two years ago I was at home alone for Christmas. My wife Rachel and my daughter Lefty were in New Mexico, and I just started playing around with this idea. I had been collecting spring break imagery for a while, like college kids being debauched and messed up — redneck Riviera imagery. I just started thinking about girls in bikinis robbing people.

I like Michael Mann’s movies a lot. They’re almost better without the sound and dialogue. There’s a graininess and a kind of analog quality to his films, all these tweaked sunsets and impressionistic colors that are tonally psychedelic and rich. You feel like you’ve lived in those places and you’ve met those people. You’ve smelled the smells; you’ve been with those women. But I don’t really reference movies anymore. I’m not a cinephile anymore. I don’t even watch many movies anymore. I did that when I was younger. The great movies, the great works, they live inside you. They live with you. So I’ve never been one of those directors consciously referencing other work. I’m chasing my own dreams, my own ideas — I don’t really waste time with other people’s. I’m not trying to reinvent old movies. I don’t care about that. I want to make something new. I want to invent that shit.

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