After a slew of positive reviews coming off of the festival circuit (it currently holds a B+ on Criticwire with 24 reviews) and buzz mounting after the first trailers hit the web, A24 has decided to release Harmony Korine’s newest snapshot of insanity “Spring Breakers” a week early, with limited releases is New York and LA. The film will open March 15 in those two cities before expanding nationwide March 22

Thanks to IndieWire for the heads up.

One of the aforementioned screenings, in New York at the Museum of the Moving Image, will take place on March 12th at 7pm and will feature an appearance by director Harmony Korine himself. Purchase your tickets here, $20 for the public and $12 for museum members.

The same venue will be screening all of Korine’s directorial efforts leading up to the official release of Spring Breakers. To purchase tickets for these screenings go to the venue’s official website by clicking right here. The schedule of the screenings at the musem in New York is shown below:

Gummo, March 8th, 7pm
Mister Lonely, March 10th, 6pm
Spring Breakers, March 12th, 7pm
Julien Donkey-Boy, March 15th, 7pm
Trash Humpers, March 22nd, 7pm