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Shadow Fux, an exhibition of collaborations between Rita Ackermann and Harmony Korine, opened at the Swiss Institute, New York, on November 23. The exhibition will run through to January 22, 2011. Pictures from the exhibition can be found here. More information can also be found on the Swiss Institute website here.

Korine recently spoke to Adam O’Reilly at Interview about the show and his relationship with Ackermann. This can be found on Interview‘s website here.



Trash Humpers is scheduled for release on DVD in the UK through Warp and Alcove Entertainment on September 20, with details on the film’s official site here. Warp/Alcove are also offering VHS copies individually customised and signed by Korine in a limited edition of 300, examples of which can be seen here. As well, 35mm theatrical film prints are being offered in a limited edition of 5. Each print case is customised by Korine (see here).

The US release through Drag City is officially set for September 21. Orders can be made on Drag City‘s site here. For a time Drag City was offering DVDs signed by Korine but these are now sold out.

Both the US and UK releases feature as DVD extras the short films Blood of Havana (3 mins) and Mac and Plak (20 mins) as well as 18 minutes of deleted scenes. A 24-page booklet is also included with both releases.

Information on upcoming screenings and other details can still be found on the film’s official site:



It was previously noted that the site would be revised and up-to-date by the end of August but this date has now passed without any change. At this time, we’ll speculate that all updates will be in place by the end of November at the latest.



Trash Humpers has an official website that can be found at, with regular updates on the film and where it’ll be playing.

Warp Films and Alcove Entertainment are handling the distribution of Trash Humpers in the UK, where the film opened on June 18. Dates for the UK screenings, which according to the press release will take place at “cinemas, galleries, music festivals and adult cinemas,” can be found on the Warp website here. A UK DVD release is set for September 20 (pre-order here). A digital download will also be available at that date as well as a limited edition VHS release customized and hand-signed by Harmony Korine.

Drag City are releasing the film in the US, with many of their dates given on the front page of Drag City have also released the film’s soundtrack in various formats, details for which you can find on their website here. For an idea of what you might receive exactly with one of these ‘hand-filthed’ copies, see here.



The site is currently behind on a number of things and has gone by without proper updates for close to a year now. We apologise for this. These problems come to be because the site is at this time maintained and updated by a single person. For an individual, keeping on top of things here is at times quite overwhelming and bothersome, particularly around the release of a new film as now. However, in time the site will be revised so that select others will be able to easily update the news and with that these long periods of site inactivity should hopefully come to an end. We expect this update to be in place by the end of August.



Mac and Plac, a new short film by Harmony Korine, as well as The Dirty Ones, directed by Brent Stewart, will be screening together on January 30 as part of the Projections film festival. The festival will take place in Culver City, California, from January 16 through to February 20. Admission is free for all screenings. For more information visit the website here.

The premise of Mac and Plac, which has previously played elsewhere, is given on the Projections website as so:

Mak And Plac is set in an anonymous basement where two Siamese brothers berate each other over and over while a man with a prosthetic face masturbates and attempts to have sex with a refrigerator. Chaos ensues. Constructed from outtakes from Korine’s most recent feature film, Trash Humpers.



A promotional spot for Trash Humpers can be found on YouTube here or downloaded here (.mp4/1.9MB). A number of new pictures from the film are can also be found here and indieWIRE has an exclusive clip on their site here, as well as a short quote from Korine concerning the film:

I remember when I was a child there was a small group of elderly people who would hang out in the back alleys and under bridges by my house. They always seemed to be getting drunk and dancing. One night I looked out my bedroom window and saw a group of them humping trash cans and laughing. It sounded like they were speaking a strange invented language. This is a movie about them.

In addition to the TIFF screenings, the dates for which you can find here, Trash Humpers is now known to be playing at the New York Film Festival in early October and the London Film Festival in late October.



The Toronto International Film Festival will host the world premiere of Trash Humpers, a new feature film by Harmony Korine. Trash Humpers has been described as a “handheld video of a loser-gang cult-freak collective who do antisocial things in a non-narrative way, except for the song-and-dance numbers.” The Toronto International Film Festival this year takes place over September 10 – 19.

The announcement of the premiere is the first news we’ve had of this film.



Harmony Korine is one of 42 contributors to the project ONEDREAMRUSH, a creation of the New Zealand vodka company 42Below that invites various individuals to create 42-second videos exploring dreams. Other contributors to ONEDREAMRUSH include Kenneth Anger, David Lynch, Leos Carax, Larry Clark, Jonas Mekas, and Gaspar Noe. In time all of the films are to feature on the project’s website here. Korine’s part, titled Crutchnap, has already been made public and can now be found here (.mov/56MB).



Harmony Korine was interviewed by Boards for two articles that appeared on their site in June. You can find these here and here. A May 26 interview from Creativity Online can also be found here. A number of new images have been added to the site here, too.

Beautiful Losers, a documentary on a particular groups of artists that includes Korine, is scheduled for release on R2 (UK) DVD on August 24. The film also has a R4 (Australia) release date of October 21.

An interview with Korine appears in The Reel Truth: Everything You Didn’t Know You Need to Know about Making an Independent Film, a new book by Reed Martin. An interview with Martin about his book can be found here. Talking of his interview with Korine there, Reed says, “[He] really doesn’t do interviews. He was tough to get and I got him.” The Reel Truth is available on here.