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Harmony Korine’s The Collected Fanzines is scheduled to be released by Drag City on November 18. The Collected Fanzines is a compilation of eight fanzines made by Korine (sometimes in collaboration with Mark Gonzales) in the 1990s. The eight titles to be included in the release are My Friend or Sheep Boy, Adulthood, Adulthood 2, Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting, Foster Homes and Gardens, Humor, Pocahontas Monthly and Hümer. The collection will be available in two editions, one a trade paperback and the other a deluxe boxset containing exact reproductions of the original releases (that is, each fanzine separate). The Drag City press release for The Collected Fanzines, with its introduction by Korine, can be found here (pdf). For further information see the page on the site here. More information should also appear on the Drag City website as the release date approaches.



Mister Lonely is currently on DVD in Australia, where it was released on July 16. The Australian release features as extras the film’s trailer, forty-minutes of deleted scenes and a ten-minute documentary on the production. The UK DVD, originally scheduled for release on July 28, has been delayed due to the collapse of Tartan UK. No release date for that region is currently known. Mister Lonely came out on DVD in Japan on August 8. It is not known what extras feature on the Japanese DVD. In Canada the film was released on DVD earlier this month, on September 16, and in the US the DVD is scheduled to be released on November 18, with Amazon currently taking pre-orders here.



Further details and images for Pigxtras, the Harmony Korine book included in the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Purple, have been added to the site here. From the Spring/Summer 2008 Purple comes the images here, here, here and here. The Fall 2008 issue of Tokion features at interview with Korine and Mark Gonzales, a photo from which can be found here. There is also a new picture of Korine here. A good deal of thanks to Jesus’ Son and Lusher.



Harmony Korine and his wife Rachel were seen on September 6 at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, where Crispin Glover was presenting his film What Is It? (2005), participating in a questions-and-answers session, signing books and showing his slideshow presentation Crispin Hellion Glover’s Big Slide Show. Korine and Rachel were seen talking with Glover for a time during the book signing. Brandon Langley, who interviewed Korine this past July and also happened to be at the event, spoke with Korine for a moment too, where Korine said that he was close to finishing a new screenplay. Rachel Korine, who was said to be visibly pregnant, is due with child in December, Korine also said.



Jesus’ Son from the forum has provided the picture below, which is the cover of Pigxtras, a supplement by Harmony Korine that is included with the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Purple, out now.



om January 8 through to February 26, 2009, Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee) will feature an exhibtion by Harmony Korine entitled Pigxote. The university’s website (link) provides the following information on the event:

This exhibition will cull together a number of photographs from Korine’s private files in order to reveal a side of the artist’s creative process that remains largely unexamined. Depicting an unnamed, mysterious young girl moving through a televised landscape of shifting contexts, Pigxote further illustrates Korine’s interest in replacing plot lines and expected narrative tropes with intuitively arranged “experiential moments.” They also provide a unique insight into the poetic mind of Nashville’s most compelling prodigal son.

The Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Purple includes Pigxtras, a supplement by Korine, which going by name may relate to this exhibition. Thanks to Brandon Langley.



An interview with Harmony Korine from the July 2008 issue of Bizarre is on the site here. Another interview from the same month’s issue of Brooklyn Rail can also be found here (credit to Lusher for both). Thanks to Alaric we have a short article from Rolling Stone in 1995 here; and from the October 1997 issue of Wired comes the article here (thanks to Will Harm).

A number of new pictures can be found on the following gallery pages: Mister Lonely, julien donkey-boy, Harmony Korine and Others / Various. Thanks to acid, Lusher and axepuzzles.



Harmony Korine appears to now be represented by MJZ for his work in commercials/advertising. He was previously attached to the UK company 2AM. The MJZ website (link) has for the past few months listed Korine on their page of directors represented, with a page that includes trailers for his films along with work for Budweiser, Thorntons and, new to this site, a Truth anti-smoking advertisement. The Truth advertisement, which can be downloaded here (thanks to oops), runs for one-minute and shows a scene directly from julien donkey-boy (1999).



Harmony Korine makes an appearance in the BBC documentary Werner Herzog: Beyond Reason, an episode of the series Imagine, which first aired in the UK on July 1. The episode was for a time available for viewing on the BBC website and can now be found on YouTube (here) and elsewhere.



Brandon Langley from the forum met with Harmony Korine on July 25 for a meeting/interview that he organised himself earlier in the month. A video of the interview, edited by Langley, can now be found on Vimeo here. A description of the night’s peculiar events, and what took place before and after the video, can also be read on the forum here.