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The Alex Ballinger book New Cinematographers, released by Laurence King Publishing in 2004, features a detailed account of the production of Gummo by cinematographer Jean-Yves Escoffier (1950 – 2003). The article can be found on the site here (unique images from the book can be seen here and here). The article “And The Ass Saw The Angel,” from the July 2000 issue of The Face, is also new to the site. It can now be found here.



Brandon Langley on the forum recently managed to arrange an interview with Harmony Korine. The interview, which will be conducted at the same time as a second unrelated interview, is to take place later this month, with a recent email from Korine’s assistant giving further details of what is to take place:


Harmony has decided to do the interview in an area that is considered part of “the projects” where a very good friend of his was murdered several years ago. I will give you precise directions on the day of the interview, and you should wear something bulletproof or bring a weapon.

This is NOT a hoax of any kind. It is an homage to a friend who had his head cut off, and it is on the actual spot where the body was found. Your cameras/equipment must be set up before he arrives, and you must be prepared for what may happen. I apologize if my tone is terse, but it is important for me to convey to you that this is not a joke. You may want to talk to each other beforehand.


Langley is currently seeking questions from forum members for the interview. If you have any questions you’d like asked of Korine you can submit them on the forum here.



An interview with Harmony Korine, from the current issue of the magazine Death + Taxes, is available here. From the July issue of Little White Lies comes another interview here. The music, film and design blog Cosign is also responsible for an interview now on the site here, which is a record of audience questions following a recent screening of Mister Lonely. Thanks to axepuzzles and Chris Lusher.

A further three images of Korine have been added to the site: here, here and here.



Here is the first picture we have of Brent Stewart’s short film The Dirty Ones, which completed post-production earlier in the month. The film was described in a May 2008 issue of Nashville Scene as the story of two “Mennonite sisters confronting the modern world.” The Dirty Ones was produced by Harmony Korine with O’Salvation and stars Rachel Korine and Raven Dunn. It is expected the film will soon appear at festivals.



The May-June issue of Lodown features an interview with Audrey Ewell, co-director of the Black Metal documentary Until the Light Takes Us. Asked about how and why Harmony Korine came to appear in the film, Ewell answers:

Well, he’s been into black metal for many years; he also used Burzum in the Gummo soundtrack and has put up many Black Metal-related exhibitions in several galleries. Basically, we just went about it the same way that we did with everyone else in the movie: called him up and told him what we were doing, asked if he wanted to be involved. We’re just very honest in what we’re doing and what we want.

Information about the release of Until the Light Takes Us can be found of the film’s MySpace page here.



The entire website has been revised. You will find new information and pictures on each page. Thanks to Robert B. and the various contributors, including Chris Lusher, baal, langley1986, random and gringo bazingo.



Mister Lonely will be released by Force Entertainment on R4 DVD in Australia on July 16 ( The film will also be released by Tartan Video on R2 DVD in the UK on July 28 ( The UK DVD will include deleted scenes and the film’s trailer. It is not yet clear what extras, if any, will be on the Australian DVD.



In an entry in his blog on the RVCA website here (May 16), Aaron Rose writes of a recent trip to Nashville, saying, “Harmony and I are working on a book together and we spent two days straight scanning what seemed like everything he’s ever made. It was super emotional, because this was the first time he had seen most of this stuff in years. The book is going to be a career retrospective and it’s gonna be bonkers!”



The half-hour documentary Mouth Music (1981), directed by Blaine Dunlap and Sol Korine (father of Harmony Korine), is available for viewing online here. In 2007, The Arts Center of Cannon County (Tennessee) was awarded a grant to aide in the restoration of several documentaries by Dunlap and Sol Korine, including Mouth Music, with a view of eventually releasing them on DVD. Information about this can be found here. Other films mentioned for the restoration are Raw Mash (1978) and Showdown at the Hoedown (1980).



Mister Lonely will be in cinemas in the UK in March. The official UK website for Mister Lonely, with details of where the film is screening, can be found here. The film will also be in cinemas in the US from the May 2.