Blackberry Winter is 47-minute black-and-white film written and directed by Brent Stewart. It was produced by Harmony Korine with O'Salvation in 2006. Filming took place in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Blackberry Winter screened at the 30th Annual Atlanta Film Festival on June 11, 2006. The film description, from the Atlanta Film Festival website:
After all the stars had fallen, only a few people remained. A small family of former circus performers live in an old, Antebellum mansion surviving off the land and each other. Ezra, a former clown, meditates upon the troubled times faced by he and his family. Ezra lives with his sister, Benny, and his 'mamma'. As Ezra's world falls apart, the landscape, the home, all is in a state of crumbling and deterioration. As the cold winter sets upon them, food becomes scarce. All the animals are dying away. Primitive cannibalism becomes their only hope for survival. Even if it means their own blood, their own kin...
The trailer for Blackberry Winter is available for viewing here.

Blackberry Winter (2006)