Ken Park is a 2002 film written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark and Ed Lachman. It was made without the involvement of Korine, the screenplay having been written in the early 1990s, after Kids was written but before that film had entered pre-production. Ken Park was made on a budget of 1.3 million dollars. It premiered at the 29th Telluride Film Festival on August 31, 2002. It did not appear in theaters in the US outside the festival circuit. The film was refused classification in Australia and as a result it is unlawful to publicly screen the film or offer it for sale in that country.

Korine explained the writing of the film in an interview at Ryerson University, Canada, on April 1, 2005:
Ken Park was written right after Kids, before we had gotten the financing for Kids. [Larry Clark] realized I could write pretty well and that I understood a certain type of vernacular, the teenage vernacular. So he wrote down five things he wanted to see on a napkin in red ink. [...] They were things that he wanted to see. Five images that he wanted to see, and with those images he wanted me to construct a basic narrative, like a certain kind of narrative. I wasn't interested in telling a kind of elliptical narrative, I wanted to deconstruct some stories. At that point, it was written literally right after I wrote Kids.

Ken Park (2002) - International Poster

The full film credits as they appear at the end of the picture can be found here.

Larry Clark makes a cameo at the end of Ken Park as owner the "Larry's Hotdogs" store.

Clark's son, Matt, acted as a music consultant on the film.

There is a real Ken Park who was a professional skater in the 1980s.

Clark shot Bully, Teenage Caveman and Ken Park in a nine-month period.

U.K. distributor Hamish McAlpine dropped Ken Park after Clark punched him in the face at a celebratory dinner. This was after McAlpine reportedly said that 9/11 was "the best thing that ever happened to America."

Nominated for the Golden Spike award at the Valladolid International Film Festival in 2002.

Ken Park (2002)

Ken Park is available in various censored and uncensored editions around the world. The most recommended versions are the Rusian PAL R0 DVD and the German R0 DVD from Legend Home Entertainment, both of which feature no edits or censoring.

Due to music licensing issues a US DVD release is unlikely.

Ken Park - Russian (R0) DVD