From April 8 through to May 6, 2000, the Patrick Painter Gallery in Los Angeles, California, hosted an exhibition by Harmony Korine under the title The Sigil of the Cloven Hoof Marks Thy Path. The exhibition was comprised largely of blown-up images of black metal icons and also included a video entitled The Devil, The Sinner and His Journey, which featured Korine, adorned in blackface, as O.J. Simpson, and the actor Johnny Depp as Kato Kalin.

The exhibition later appeared at the Galerie du Jour agnès b, Paris, France, from May 27 through to June 16, 2000.

Loss of Final Pride (2000)

Patrick Painter, Inc. press release:
Patrick Painter, Inc. is pleased to present new work by Harmony Korine. Writer, director, artist, Harmony at 25 has found himself in the middle of a lot of controversy with regards to his work. The work is a strange bridge between social conformity and social disorder, an anarchist world of images and energy fueled by desperation and crystal-meth. The audience is never comfortable as the envelope is pushed, creased, licked and purified. Who are the characters in this work? We as an audience member become explorers to foreign lands. At times one expects subtitles to accompany the dialogue. Who is real and who is written? Some of these characters nobody could write proving reality is always stranger than fiction. The camera becomes a microscope examining life forms that share the same DNA as all of the audience, but leaves us with a feeling that we must morally object to this world of mangled genetics.

In his work, Harmony explores the many faces of evil. In the good old days, Satan stood for evil, and a demon had a fighting chance in the minds of church, synagogue, mosque goers world wide. But then the camera was invented and demands and Satan had a hard time competing with humans who were about to be caught in the act. The cult in his new photographs worship something they consider really evil. A deity drawn from Northern European and Teutonic cultures. This evil one actually has some power. If he can outdo Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, these guys may be onto something. The basic tenet of evil is that it is the antithesis of good. If scales are to remain balanced in our symbiotic relationship with language, for every Hitler born an angel of equal good must also be born. Harmony's work is an incubator for these two worlds to take shape and come to life. The work keeps the audience in a limbo between horror and pleasure, good and bad, grotesque and beautiful. Are they us or are they other? Is the author other, alien, human, Southerner, or just plain folk documenting the lives of other plain folk?

Galerie du Jour agnès b - Exhibtion Poster

LiveJournal entry:
i don't know if it was that show specifically; but i saw a Harmony korine show around LA that was black metal themed. there was a wall of hundreds of polaroids of people in corpse-paint. and than some portraits of harmony in corpse paint, an upsidedown cross of photographs of mcCaully Culkin .. and a video installation, that included harmony bugging sean penn (i think it was sean penn), in his trailer... well talkign to him i guess... than dancing in the gallery we were in, in corpse paint, to some black metal... and than saying thankyou for coming mixed in with lots of ratial epitaphs, outside the gallery. like "thank you for comming, jew fuck" .. and "thanks for comming to my show, niggers!" things like was bizarre to say the least.
Black Metal Newgroup post:
Harmony did a show where he photocopied a bunch of pictures from Lords of Chaos, and blew up pictures of Fenriz and hung them on a wall in a gallery! He put a picture of Varg up there too, and this is in some bullshit gallery in Santa Monica, what do others think about him? Is he ripping off BM culture, does anyone care? I don't but this show is funny, a bunch of pictures of Fenriz and some national socialist looking runic art, stuff that has been on Black Metal album covers for ages, put up in a gallery under his name.
From the tour diary of the band North of America:
I go to the harmony korine exhibit (which consists mostly of a lot of blown-up pictures of black metal icons and a giant inverted cross made out of photos of macauly caulkin) and meet harmony korine. Harmony looks like a homeless man, aside from the two large bags of agnes b. clothes that he is carrying (I guess showing work in a fashion designer's art gallery has some perks...). We get our picture taken with him and he implores us, 'please don't put these on the internet.'
The picture mentioned can be found here.