Untitled (The Ass Sanctuary) is Harmony Korine's contribution to agnès b's ongoing Point d'Ironie project. Founded in 1997, Point d'Ironie each year offers around six artists the opportunity to fill an eight-page tabloid format periodical entirely as they please. 100,000 to 300,000 copies are then made available free around the world.

Korine, Harmony: Untitled. Point d'Ironie #12, March 1999.
Artist periodical. Edited by agnès b and H.U. Obrist.
Two double pages. Printed b/w offset. Loose as issued.
43x31.6 cm. Point d'Ironie, Paris, 1999.

Untitled / Point d'Ironie #12

Point d'Ironie press release:
Harmony Korine is a young American filmmaker, writer, video artist, and author of the scenario for Kids, creator and director of Gummo. He is currently working on a new feature film, julien donkey-boy, to premier in September at the Venice Film Festival. Commenting on his project for Point d'Ironie, he writes:

"All I do is smoke cigarettes and complain. I'm happy only every once in awhile and that is when I see something in one of my pictures that I know is good. These pictures are of boys fucking and sucking each other. I have no genuine reason for them being made, only that at a certain time I felt they should exist. Maybe one day I will be happy again."

The images derive from an unreleased video by Harmony Korine, tentatively entitled The Ass Sanctuary.