Author Unknown / Rolling Stone / August 24, 1995

Harmony Korine is either a genius or insane, or both. The 21-year-old screenwriter has either a rich fantasy life or a crazy real life, or both. He says he was born in San Francisco, moved to Nashville, Tenn., traveled with the circus and finished adolescence at his grandma's house in Queens, N.Y.

One afternoon in 1993, he ran into photographer Larry Clark in Manhattan's Washington Square Park. Korine showed Clark a play he'd written (father takes son to hooker on 13th birthday), and Clark, who wanted to make a movie, asked Korine to write the script. Korine responded with Kids, which follows a day in the life - sex, drugs, disease - of several skate punks. The film, directed by Clark and starring several of Korine's skate-punk friends, is about as unexpected and unsettling as Korine himself.

Rolling Stone (August 1995)

Korine learned to write by watching movies, especially those featuring Huntz Hall and the Bowery Boys. "They're great because you can summarize them in a few words," he says. "'Huntz has a tonsillectomy and develops a beautiful singing voice.' Like that." He days his biggest influence came in high school. "Senior year I saw The Crucible put on by kids with Down's syndrome," he says, "and it was the most amazing theater I've ever seen. I felt sick and loved it, too, and wanted to give people the same feeling with Kids. In fact, I would like to stage a movie with that same ensemble."

Korine's Hot List came to us by fax. His handwriting is the kind you might find on a note that reads, "If you want to see your child again, leave $500,000 in a plain paper bag."

Hot Rumors
(1) Debbie Gibson has rickets.
(2) Phil Collins is a manic depressive.
(3) Terry Bradshaw used to be an arsonist.
(4) Diana Ross hated When Harry Met Sally...

Hot 1988 Movies
(1) Beaches.
(2) Colors.
(3) The Abyss.
(4) Flashdance.

Hot Sport Legends
(1) D.W. Griffith
(2) Arnold Palmer

Hot Future

Hot Music Artists
(1) Janet Jackson.
(2) Richard Harris.
(3) Al Jolson.
(4) L.L. Cool J.

Hot Looker
Paula Abdul.

Hot Girl I've Made Out With
Jessica Tandy.

Hot Quotes
Zepp Marx: "Harp was a bastard."