December 11, 2002

According to a 2001 article by Bruce LaBruce, available here, Harmony Korine is now legally known as Laird Henn after changing his name at a post office for just twelve dollars. The article also includes other news of Korine's current activities. On there are numerous art pieces attributed to Brian DeGraw, Korine's collaborator on SSAB Songs. Among these is a series of half-burnt items entitled The Birth of Laird Henn, which includes several references to Korine, including an image from Gummo. The series is dated March 31 - April 8, 2001.


December 9, 2002

For their October issue, The Face reunited many cast members from Larry Clark's films Kids, Bully and Ken Park. The Kids cast present were Chloe Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, Rosario Dawson, Harold Hunter and Jon Abrahams. Steven Klein was the photographer for the occasion. Scans of the fold-out cover and article have been added to the site (cover, inside, contents, pg 86, pg 89, pg 90, pg 91, pg 92, pg 93, pg 96 and pg 98,) and a transcript can be read here. Korine is mentioned briefly. The following month's issue of The Face notes, "A lot of people didn't like the dicks in our Larry Clark 'Trash' issue, and the magazine so shocked the people of Jersey and Guernsey that it was pulled off the shelves." The "dicks" comment refers to Harold Hunter and James Ransone, both of whom appear nude in the magazine.


December 9, 2002

Harmony Korine: Collected Screenplays 1, published by Faber and Faber Ltd, has been available since April of this year. The book features the screenplays for Jokes, Gummo and julien donkey-boy. There's also a sort of biography written by Korine and an introduction to Jokes (both of these are excerpts from an interview with Tod Lippy in 2000). The book features two screenplays for julien donkey-boy: the non-traditional, dialogue-free script featuring only rough descriptions of scenes, which was used for filming, and a traditional version, which appears to be simply the finished film transferred to screenplay form. Despite the '1' in the title, Faber and Faber say there are no plans for a second volume.


December 9, 2002

"Year of the Cat," an article on singer-songwriter Chan Marshall (AKA Cat Power) that originally appeared in Spin magazine in late 2001, says that Korine has asked Marshall to provide the soundtrack to his next film. Another, a new magazine from the company responsible for Dazed & Confused, features a contribution from Korine in their launch issue which came out earlier this year. Here director Rolf Belgum talks about eating shrimp with Korine and Errol Morris. Concerning Korine, Belgum says, "Korine definitely [ate] more shrimp but to my surprise he cradled them in his hands like a baby. A shrimpy little baby. Morris saw this and left early in a huff. He was outraged. Mumbling something about shrimp and regionalism."


December 9, 2002

Korine's association with the fashion designer agnès b has resulted in the formation of O'Salvation, a jointly-founded London-based production company with a purpose that is not entirely clear at this point.


December 9, 2002

From Page Six of the New York Post:

Friends of burned-out boy genius Harmony Korine, 25, are worried he might not recover from his latest downward spiral. For the past few months, the Gummo director's life has been a series of mishaps. While staying at his grandmother's house in Connecticut, he managed to start a fire and burn it down, killing her dog. The next place he landed also went up in flames. Then he had a big smash-up on the FDR Drive. A pal confirms Korine's in "bad shape," but notes, "I don't think he actually set the fires." Korine, who has run out of money, no longer has any reps and could not be reached.


December 9, 2002

The August issue of The Face with it's hot/not barometer rates bunny ears highly, saying, "Think Gummo, not Playboy: `a la Moldy Peaches and Seelenluft." Kids is mentioned in last May's issue of Spin, with its feature "The Skate-Time Continuum" offering a brief history of skateboarding in the form of a chart. An event's place on the chart was determined by the level of exposure it gave skateboarding. Kids came second lowest, just above 2001, when "ex-pro boarder Jason Lee plays Tom Cruise's best friend in Vanilla Sky." There were many high-points, including the MTV debut of Jackass and the creation of the first pro board. Australia's Empire also made mention of Kids recently, with their "10 Great Movie:" section featuring "Evil Children" and listing Telly, who they say "wasn't smacked hard enough the day he was born. Loves deflowering virgins without a condom - and spreading HIV."

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