December 24, 2003

In a recent interview with, Larry Clark said he's been asked to do commentary tracks for Kids and Bully. Clark, who has only once released a DVD commentary (Another Day in Paradise), said, "I just haven't gotten around to it yet, but I could just sit and talk about them they were really interesting experiences, so hopefully that will happen." Kids is currently available on R1 and R2 DVD with no extras apart from the film's trailer.


December 13, 2003

The following is a list of all the music that features in Ken Park.

Bouncing Souls - Lamar Vannoy
Rancid - Antennas
Gary Stewart - Out of Hand
The Roots - Do You Want More?!!!??!
KMD - What a Nigga Know
Blackalicious - Deception
The Alkoholiks - Likwit
Merle Haggard - Mom and Dad's Waltz
Jerry Lee Lewis - Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues
Quasimoto - Put a Curse on You
Blackstar - Brown Skin Lady
Gary Stewart - Shady Streets
Hank Ballard - Henry's Got Flat Feet
The Shaggs - Who Are Parents?


December 10, 2003

Sugar: The Other White Meat, a recently released record by Dylan Nyoukis and Alvarius B that features two brief cameos from Korine, is sold out at the label's store, linked before, but can still be bought from, and Mr. Nyoukis, too, has a book of art out now. You can read more on Repeat After Me, Mud! Mud! Mud! here and here.


December 10, 2003

There is a new interview with Korine on The Guardian website (Danger, Man At Work). Thanks to Chris Lusher. Last September, The Guardian spoke to Korine for the article here ("The Odd Couple"), an article about his involvement with Above the Below. Korine's father, Sol, it seems, later wrote to The Guardian to say, "After hundreds of articles on the David Blaine event someone finally got it right! Thanks."

December 3, 2003

This is the date that the site has officially come online. All news prior to this day was added before the site was active. For information about, including contact details, see the page here. Before registering this domain, the site was hosted by angelfire and before that it existed as an MSN Community, which continued until not so long ago. One of the last posts on the MSN Community included the following piece of news, which is worth preserving here:

a year ago at the screening of a movie I & a friend made about Jonas Mekas, who told me he had more than 100 hours of Harmony Korine fooling around on film. He said he needed a year to put all that together, so i guess it's gonna come out soon in festivals somewhere.


December 2, 2003

Above the Below was released on PAL R2 DVD in the UK on December 1. Included on the DVD is Harmony Korine's film, additional footage of Blaine's hospital recovery and material by Korine and a 45-minute program about the Vertigo stunt, which saw Blaine balancing on an 80ft high pole for 35 hours. The DVD is currently available at for £14.98.

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