November 27, 2003

A remake of R.W. Fassbinder's Why Does Herr R Run Amok (1970), directed by Korine, has long been rumoured. Brian DeGraw, one half of Korine's musical project SSAB Songs, said in an interview in early 2000 that Korine's next project would be Fassbinder's film remade with the title 'What Makes Pistachio Nuts' and that Johnny Depp, who called Gummo "One of the most truthful pieces of filmmaking in a long time," and has professed a desire to work with the director, will star. We have no more information concerning this.

November 26, 2003

According to the press release for Gus Van Sant's new film Elephant (2003), Korine was originally commissioned to write the screenplay but failed to deliver even a draft after two years. In the October issue of i-D Van Sant explained how he came to involve Korine, saying, "HBO said they couldn't do Columbine but could do Elephant. I had never seen Elephant, which was an Alan Clarke film made in '89, a 35-minute short about violence in Northern Ireland. But I happened to know about it because Harmony Korine had told me it was his favourite film. So I thought maybe Harmony could write the script. But we never got a script from Harmony. That's when [JT LeRoy] and I started talking and then [he] wrote the script." In the end Van Sant didn't use LeRoy's screenplay. For more information about Elephant visit the official website here.


November 26, 2003

Momus (AKA Nick Currie) wrote about The Mistakers (AKA The Mistakists) for a recent issue of Vice (a href="http://www.viceland.com/int/v10n9/htdocs/where.php?source=db" target="_new">here). The Mistakers, Momus says, are "kind of an art gang" and all have the same trident tattoo on their hands as Korine, who is a member himself. An extended version of the Vice article can be read on Momus' website iMomus.com.


November 26, 2003

In an interview with Chloe Sevigny that appeared in the an August issue of the New York Post there is some detail about Korine and drug-use, with Sevigny saying at one point, "He was my boyfriend and I was in love with him and he was a drug addict and it was a horrible thing to have to deal with. I mean, what do you do about it? You know, the lies, and everything else." The interview can be read in full here.

November 26, 2003

Last March, street artist PMH sent a package of stickers and other items to The Wooster Collective. Among them was sticking bearing a cartoon image of Korine (here). The sticker is now pasted someone in the streets of lower Manhattan, they say.


November 24, 2003

On Blastitude there's a conversation between Dylan Nyoukis and Alan Bishop, available here, in which they mention Korine several times. Bishop mentions being asked to create the soundtrack for a future film by Korine, "guy who gets hit by lightning 3 times and becomes obsessed with growing the world's biggest pig."


November 21, 2003

Korine's next film may be "Nun's the Word," which Jeremy Scott, who designed costumes for the production, says is "a movie about nuns who jump out of planes."

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