October 28, 2003

In addition to Korine's Above the Below, there is a second, significantly smaller film being made around David Blaine's current endurance feat. Titled Below the Above, this film will at a later date be available for complete download from On the website at the moment you can find further information about the film as well as a short clip of Korine directing a segment from his own Above the Below.

October 24, 2003

Larry Clark's next film is an adaptation of the 1973 Jim Harrison novel A Good Day To Die, to commence shooting in Los Angeles sometime this year. The story follows two men and a woman as they drive from Florida to the Grand Canyon in order to blow up a dam in protest of the Vietnam war. Clark is also attached as director of Interupted, a biopic of Rebel Without A Cause director Nicholas Ray.


October 23, 2003

Ken Park is currently available on several different DVDs, some of which are not ideal and feature censoring. The best version available at the moment seems to be the PAL R0 DVD from Russia, which is completely uncut and uncensored. This can currently be purchased from There is currently no news of an official US DVD release.


October 23, 2003

There is an official site for Ken Park here. The site features a French trailer for the film, wallpaper and other details.


October 5, 2003

Jacob Reynolds, who appeared as Solomon in Gummo, has been cast in a film based on the West Memphis Three case. Reynolds will play Jessie Miskelly, who was convicted along with two others of the killing of three children in 1993. To find out more about the case and the development of the film, visit


October 5, 2003

Korine appears in the form of an answering machine message on the new record Sugar: The Other White Meat. Korine's contribution to the record is explained on the Sun City Girls website:

Sugar was originally conceived by Harmony Korine to be a four-way split between Alvarius, Nyoukis, Will Oldham, and Absalom (Korine's "White Metal" band). But Korine went MIA and Oldham hadn’t heard of the project when Dylan asked him about it later. By this point, Alvarius and Dylan had already finished their respective contributions and, rather than scrap the project altogether, decided to create a collaborative piece to take up the missing second side of the LP. Dylan sent over source material, which Alvarius cut, spliced and mixed in with his own sound sources (including some drunken answering machine messages from Mr. Korine).
The record is available through the page here, which also features an edited track from the album.
October 3, 2003

There is a new French fansite for Korine at The site was created earlier this year and is in French and English.


October 3, 2003

Split Screen, a half-hour interview program that appeared on the Independent Film Channel, is releasing a compilation of its shows on DVD. The 6-hour 2-DVD set will be available later this month, according to their website. Harmony Korine was interviewed for the program in 2002 and this will be included on the DVD.


October 2, 2003

Alex Corpporan, head of Supreme, and David Ortiz are curating an upcoming show on Harold Hunter (Harold in Kids). The show, called I'm A Legend, Yo!, received a brief mention in i-D magazine a month or two ago.


October 2, 2003

Casey Guzak, who played one of the skinhead brothers in Gummo, was involved in a drug transaction gone bad earlier this year. The police report, which appeared on the Franklin (Tennessee) Police Deparment's website here, says:

On 6/26/2003 at approximately 9:07 PM Franklin Police Narcotics/Vice Detectives received information regarding a cocaine transaction that was going to take place at a local hotel in the Cool Springs area. While Detectives were surveilling the suspects, a drug "rip off" occurred resulting in an armed robbery. Detectives immediately intervened and took two (2) suspects into custody. Detectives recovered two (2) handguns from the scene, a half ounce of cocaine and a small amount of Hydrocodone. The suspects were identified as Casey Guzak (26) and Vann Hughes (49), both from Nashville.

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