February 23, 2004

James Claurer recently took photographs of Korine at home in his treehouse residence in Nashville, Tennessee. You can see these pictures here.


Febrary 23, 2004

This March, Harmony Korine will appear at Chicago's Empty Bottle for what is described as "a special evening of reading." Entitled Aquacade I, the event will also include David Berman, Bill Callahan, Joe Wenderoth, Prageeta Sharma and musical guests Chestnut Station and White Magic. It will begin at 9:00PM on Thursday, March 25. Tickets are $15 and can soon be bought from


Febrary 17, 2004

The following list, compiled by Miffy in the forum, contains all the music that appears in Above the Below.

Sun City Girls - Nibiru
Slint - Glenn
Erik Satie - Petite Ouverture a Danser
Too Short - Freaky Tales
Smog - One Less Star
Outkast - Rosa Parks
Cul-de-sac - Dust of Butterflies
Chris Clark - Pleen 1930s


Febrary 17, 2004

Harmony Korine's younger brother, Avi, is the subject of a page on Pablo Maurer, who posted "Where Have You Gone, Avi Korine?," was a high school friend of the Avi's but did not, he says, know Harmony. Both Harmony and Avi went to Hillsboro High in Nashville, Tennessee.

Febrary 5, 2004

Currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, Korine has taken up residency in a treehouse as he writes the screenplay for his next film, still purported to be titled "Nun's The Word." We were recently forwarded an interview with him that he gave to the daughter of a friend of his father's. "Harmony's Treehouse" first appeared in Girl Scout Troupe 16's fortnightly newsletter on February 1 of this year. Later I will try and add a scan of the page as it includes two pictures of Korine posing with the troupe. In the meantime, you can read the interview here.

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