May 27, 2004

Corporate Ghost, a DVD featuring 23 Sonic Youth music videos made between 1990 and 2002, is scheduled for release on June 14. The DVD will include Korine's video for Sunday with an optional commentary by Sonic Youth.


May 22, 2004

A new article in Daily Variety (here) says that Korine's next film is expected to be completed in "the next few months." It also says that O'Salvation, the London-based production company formed by Korine and agnès b, is first producing a film by James Clauer, a friend of Korine's who has worked on Gummo, Above The Below, and TV's Upright Citizens Brigade. His film will shoot in Tennessee soon.


May 11, 2004

A picture of Korine reading last March at Chicago's Empty Bottle can be seen here. This come thanks to Michael Robinson. The library section of the Gallerie du Jour agnès b website, includes three lists of recommended music, films and books by Korine. These can be found here.


May 7, 2004

A section has been added for a new video project entitled "Mrs. Cotton Ball (My Cocaine Carolina)." UPDATE: The "Mrs. Cotton Ball" project is actually a new music video for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's No More Workhorse Blues. The section for this on the site is now here.

May 2, 2004

The current issue of Cheap Date (Spring / Summer) features a two page interview with Korine. The magazine can currently be bought from for seven dollars. The interview is now on the site here. Scans of the article can be seen here, here, here and here.


May 2, 2004

Two interviews have been added to the site - one is here (Dazed & Confused, 2002) and the other is here (Mean, July - August 2000). Thanks to Smut and Chris Lusher.


May 2, 2004

The official website of photographer Terry Richardson opened recently. There are several pictures of Korine in the celebrities section, along with other portraits of Viggo Mortensen, Chloe Sevigny, John Waters and many more.


May 2, 2004

Korine reportedly attended the International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year. Cat Power again answers questions about the possibility of doing the soundtrack to one of Korine's films in an interview with Picthfork Media (here), saying, "That was just something... I mean [Harmony] has a lot of ideas. I guess, it could happen. Would I like to do something like that? Absolutely, but he's already got so much stuff on his plate." Ray Carney talks about a conversation he had with Korine about filmmaker Mike Leigh in an interview here. Will Oldham was recently interviewed by Stylus, where he very briefly mentions being introduced to Bjork through Korine.

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