October 31, 2005

In Tokion magazine's latest issue, with Chloe Sevigny on the cover, they and others celebrate their heroes. There is an article by Korine, where he talks about his, boxer Manny Pacquiao, which can be read here. We've added a few more pictures of Korine to the site: 1, 2, 3; and images of the Gummo laserdisc (thanks to Eddie Austin): front, back, disc. Articles: "Manz Alive!" (1997), "Cassavetes on Cassavetes" (2001), "Exhibition B" (2003), "Chloe's Class" (1998) and "Clark Snaps Another Shot of Paradise" (1998).


October 31, 2005

O'Salvation, it's written in an article on, have produced two new films by Nashville locals, with James Clauer's half-hour The Aluminum Fowl ("a semi-documentary about black Louisiana cockfighters") and Brent Stewart's Blackberry Winter ("a post-apocalyptic mood piece, strikingly shot in high-contrast black-and-white"). According to the article, the two films will appear in festivals before being released on a single DVD. Thanks to baal. Further searching of Nashville Scene also finds a small note that Korine wanted actor Timothy Carey (1929 - 1994) to appear in Gummo. Korine's Mister Lonely was to begin filming in this month of October, it was said before, but we do not know if this went ahead.


October 31, 2005

The book Ari Marcopoulos: Out & About, published last month by Alleged Press, presents fifteen years of photographs by Marcopoulos with, according to September's issue of i-D, accompanying notes by Korine. The book also features an introduction by Aaron Rose, which can be found here. One page from Korine can also be read here. Thanks to Jesus' Son and Joe Merarca for this information.

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