February 4, 2006

In an interview with Time Out London (February 3), director Werner Herzog explains that he'll be playing a part in Korine's next film, Mister Lonely, which possibly begins filming this month. Although not mentioned in the article, Herzog's role, others have claimed, is as an Abraham Lincoln impersonator. In the same interview, when asked about his attraction to Korine's films, Herzog says, "Well his films are very, very different from mine. But I think that there is a similar quest from that man. I think that he is looking for a different grammar of images and I'm into that as well."


February 4, 2006

James Clauer's The Aluminum Fowl is currently available for viewing on the Sundance Film Festival website. The Aluminum Fowl, which appeared in the Short Filmmaking competition at the festival, is "a glimpse of four brothers' daily obsessions with chickens, rap music and aliens." For Sundance, the film was cut from it's original 22-minute duration to 13-minutes. Unfortunately it did not win the category's prize, with that instead going to Bugcrush and The Wraith of Cobble Hill in a tie (announced on the January 28). The Aluminum Fowl also appeared in in its original length at the Rotterdam Film Festival on January 26 and 27, where it again did not come away with the award.


February 4, 2006

Harmony Korine has directed the music video for Living Proof, the first single from Cat Power's latest album The Greatest. The video, which debuted on MTV2's Subterranean in London on the January 22, was shot by Lee Daniel (Slacker, Dazed and Confused) and produced by Margaret Brown (director of Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt, also shot by Daniel). Explaining the video, Korine has said, "It's a race, a cultural sprint to the finish line. It's a somewhat abstract interpretation of our cultural and political climate, and is meant to be open to interpretation. The racial, social and religious imagery was chosen for the weight they carry, but not meant to suggest anything specific. This relates to Cat Power's lyrics, which are both personal and universal, even as their exact meaning isn't immediately clear." The video is available for viewing on the site here.

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