agnès b provided funding for the French subtitling of Gummo (1997) and julien donkey-boy (1999). In 2004, together with Harmony Korine she founded the production company O'Salvation. O'Salvation produced Mister Lonely (2007).

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French designer agnès b was born Agnès Troublé in Versailles in 1941. She studied at Versailles’s Ecole des Beaux-Arts. After graduation, she worked as a junior editor at French Elle before becoming a designer, press attache and buyer to Dorothée Bis in Paris. From 1965 - 1966, she worked as a freelance designer for Limitex, Pierre d’Alby, V de V and Eversbin.

In 1966, she established the CMC (Comptoir Mondial de Creation), the holding company for agnès b. In 1975, she established the first agnès b Boutique at Les Halles Paris. The shop, a former butcher shop complete with black and white tiling housed a debut collection of restyled, cut and dyed workers’ uniforms and striped rugby shirts.

agnès b was one of the first designers to tackle the "trend-setters" head-on. Producing simple and chic collections season after season - agnès b clothes are geared for the "real people." In fact, her signature style is best captured in the precise tailoring of a crisp white shirt and the lasting luxury of a black wool jumper.

In 1980, agnès b opened her first US boutique in SoHo, New York. In 1987, she launched "Le B Perfume," a skincare and cosmetics range and a maternity collection. agnès b also has shops in London, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

The following information concerning agnès b's film interests comes from Wikipedia:

agnès b. founded a joint film concern with Korine called O'Salvation, under whose banner Korine began production on Mister Lonely in London in 2006. She also designated an entity for personal projects, christened Love Streams, with the blessing of Gena Rowlands, widow of John Cassavetes who directed the 1984 film of the same name.

Her acts of film patronage include the supplying of completion funds to Gaspar Noé for Irréversible (2002) and Claire Denis for Trouble Every Day (2001), as well as the underwriting of numerous film festivals.

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