Avi Korine is the younger brother of Harmony Korine.

In 2004 it was reported that the Belgian director Alain Berliner (Ma Vie En Rose, 1997) would be directing Satan's Lee, written by Avi Korine. Robin O'Hara and Scott Macaulay were attached to the project as producers. Satan's Lee, according to a report in Variety, is the story of "two young brothers fight violently for the love of their parents following a tragedy in the family." There has been no news of the project since the 2004 announcement.

In 2007 Mister Lonely, directed by Harmony Korine, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. The screenplay was written by Avi Korine in collaboration with his brother.

Avi Korine (far right) with agnès b, Harmony Korine and Rachel Korine