Mark Gonzales appeared in Gummo (1997) and collaborated with Harmony Korine on a number of fanzines published in the 1990s.

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Reads the New York Times every morning. Could ask you to lace up a pair of new trainers for him, because of his dislexia. Now resides in San Francisco. Probably day-dreams about Le Vox, his favorite café in Lyon. Spends his insomniac nights sewing together native indian inspired patchworks, or drawing on anything in sight. Can high jump over a car. Is really not supposed to drink. Used to spend nights wandering around New York city with Harmony Korine and a video camera to record their practical jokes. Spends money like it grows on trees. Can turn out of nowhere, sidewalk surfing Paris to the sound of Tupac, via the mini tape player he is holding. Sends envelopes of doodles or poems to Tommy Guerrero, so he can add colors or music to it. Invented skateboarding in the street. Above all loves slaloming through moving traffic. Only got seriously hurt once through all those years. Is a demi-god in Japan. Will introduce himself to any skater kid like that: "Hello, my name is Mark!"

Mark Gonzales