Mister Lonely
"In broad terms, it's a movie about a Michael Jackson impersonator living in Paris who's down on his luck. He meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator at a commune where all these other impersonators live. They want to put on a show in hopes that the world will come see them perform..." (Harmony Korine, Hollywood Reporter - 2007)
- film
Ken Park
"You've got the kid who's sleeping with his girlfriend's mother, the kid who's abused by his father while his mother just plays it off like there's nothing going on, the teenage girl whose parents are religious fanatics and she acts out by fucking all the boys in the neighborhood. That comes from a girl I knew when I grew up." (Larry Clark, Filmmaker magazine - 2001)
- film

"I confess that in the turkey dinner scene I made my Grandmother go to the grocery store and buy a batch of raw cranberries, which she cooked in her own kitchen along with the rest of the turkey dinner. I confess to using a fake dead baby fetus that Julien steals at the end of the film." (Harmony Korine, Dogme Confession - 1999)
- film
"Like Gummo was getting an NC-17 for nihilism!... [The Motion Picture Association of America] said: 'Take any scene on its own and it would be an R, but strung together, the message is so antisocial, so nihilistic, that this is an NC-17 film." (Harmony Korine, Icon Thoughtstyle - 1997)
- film
"You know, I wanted to present the way kids see things, but without all this baggage, this morality that these old middle aged Hollywood guys bring to it. Kids don't think that way. You know, living for the moment... They're living in the moment not thinking about anything beyond that and that's what I wanted to catch." (Larry Clark, ArtCommotion - 1995)
- film

List of upcoming projects related to Harmony Korine in one way or another.
- upcoming projects

Written by Harmony Korine, Jokes is a combination of three short films and based on Milton Berle one-liners. Only one chapter, Easter, was filmed before financing fell through and the project was abandoned.
- film
The Diary of Anne Frank Pt. 2
The Diary Of Anne Frank Pt ll, a 40-minute film triptych directed by Korine in 1997, features such visuals as a mentally handicapped man in a soiled diaper and someone burying a dead dog.
- short film
Fight Harm
"I go around provoking passers-by, trying to start a fight while the video camera follows me and films everything. It's very brutal -- I've already broken a collar bone and been arrested. The punches and kicks are all real, it's one of the most disgusting things you'll ever see."
- aborted project
Korine Tap
"Harmony Korine tapdances in his backyard during an afternoon of self-made fun with a group of friends. Korine's face and arms are covered in black paint and he uses a broom as a prop, both of which allude to earlier, more Vaudevillian and slapstick forms of entertainment."
- short video

Other Works
In 1995 Korine directed a video for one of the Daniel Johnston songs on the Kids soundtrack. The video, either "Casper" or "Casper the Friendly Ghost," was never released and little information of it is available.
- music video
No More Workhorse Blues
Harmony Korine-directed music video for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "No More Workhorse Blues," his re-recorded version for the Greatest Palace Music album of 2004.
- music video
SSAB Songs
In 1999 Korine and Brian Degraw released a music cd under the name SSAB Songs. "I don't really know what it sounds like," Korine explained to i-D magazine. "I only listened to it once. I think it's the kind of album I'd only listen to once."
- musical project
Sonic Youth's Sunday
"Sunday," the first single off Sonic Youth's 1998 album A Thousand Leaves, features a video by Korine starring Macaulay Culkin and his then-wife Rachel Miner.
- music video
Other Works
List of various musicial works. Korine provides vocals on Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "Ease Down The Road," photography of his also features in the sleeve of James William Hindle's debut album, there is also a message from he for Sun City Girls and more.
- assorted works
Bjork's Harm of Will
Harmony Korine-penned lyrics feature in the song "Harm of Will" from Bjork's fourth album, Vespertine. The lyrics, explains in book on Bjork, "loosely sketch the tale of a troubadour and libertine who takes commitment-free sexual pleasure from his conquests."
- song

Above the Below
For 44 days, David Blaine lived without food in a plexi-glass box suspended in the air by the River Thames in London. All the while, Korine filmed the event and the reactions of the people for a documentary commissioned by Sky Television and Channel 4.
- film essay
The Late Show
Korine appeared on The Late Show three times before finally being banned for shoving Meryl Streep in the Green Room in 1999. His first appearance, in 1995, was to promote Kids; his second, in 1997, was for Gummo; and his third, in 1998, was to promote A Crackup at the Race Riots.
- television appearances
David Blaine TV Specials
Korine had worked with the illusionist David Blaine several times before directing the Above the Below documentary in 2003. He has has been a close friend of Blaine's since meeting him in 1995 and was credited as gaffer on the Street Magic special and was a segment director on the follow-up Magic Man special.
- magic specials

Pass the Bitch Chicken
A collaboration with the friend and painter Christopher Wool. The release says in part, "This series of experimental images tests the limits of the pictorial and the abstract, pushing the boundaries of visual and textual narrative to extremes."
- book
The Bad Son
A collection of photographs of the former child star Macaulay Culkin and his then-wife Rachel Miner. The Bad Son, published in 1998, came about as a result of Korine's "Sunday" video, in which Culkin and Miner featured.
- photobook
A Crackup at the Race Riots
"It's about a race war, and it happens in Florida, and the Jewish people sit in trees, and the black people - the blacks are run by M.C. Hammer and the whites are run by Vanilla Ice. It takes place in Florida." (Korine on The Late Show, October 1997)
- novel
Foster Homes & Gardens
A number of zines made by Korine either alone or in collaboration with Mark Gonzales. Titles include Foster Homes & Gardens, Humer and Pocahontas Monthly.
- zines

Gallerie du Jour Exhibition
In early 2003, agnes b hosted an number of Korine's works at her Galerie du jour in Paris. The exhibition featured both older pieces, such as Pass The Bitch Chicken and The Bad Son, and new ones. Titles for these works include "Praise Man for Womans Work," "Death in Venice," and "The Mistake is Manifest."
- exhibition
The Ass Sanctuary
Korine's contribution to agnes b's ongoing Point D'Ironie project. The piece is Untitled #12, printed in March of 1999, 8 pages, the images derived from an unreleased video work by Korine, titled "The Ass Sanctuary."
- point d'ironie #12
Be Broken
This photo series by Harmony Korine, titled "Be Broken," appeared in the first issue of Richardson magazine (December 1998).
- photo series
Harmony Korine/Carmen
For Korine's collaboration with Aura Rosenberg (A Berlin Childhood), he painted Rosenberg's daughter Carmen in blackface, and had her pose with a guitar. "I think Harmony chose this image because it reflects film history yet remains troubling and conflicted," says Rosenberg.
- photograph
Milk Chicken Revue
A collection of photographs that show the darkest side of the American society. The two photo groups, "Milk-Chicken Revue" and "Coke-Head Swingers" are both documentary inspired collections and feature segments that appeared in Gummo.
- exhibition
The Sigil of the Cloven Hoof...
Exhibition from 2000 that opened at the Patrick Painter Gallery in Los Angeles, USA. The series, comprised largely of photos of black metal icons, included the video "The Devil, The Sinner and His Journey," which featured Korine in blackface as O.J. Simpson and the actor Johnny Depp as Kato Kalin.
- exhibition